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Boy does it feel good to be back in action.  I hope you are all enjoying the Hawk & Dove record, and hopefully you are also enjoying chatting with Suzie when she calls.  We’re having blast being back in record store land.  This time around, we’ve got a band that we’re all totally freaking out about, and are really excited to be working with: BRONCHO.  Do yourself a favor and don’t take a seat before giving this a listen.


Welcome back! Oh wait, that’s right, we’re the ones who haven’t been around much lately. Well, I hope you all had a great Record Store Day! We sure did down here in Brooklyn. It was bittersweet though as we stopped by Sound Fix to say goodbye. They will be missed greatly around here.

So, I guess the truth is that Flea Marketing hasn’t been seeing a whole lot of action lately (like that year of college??), but you can count on us popping up our heads every once in a while when someone needs our help that we deem worthy. Especially when it’s a friend of ours (I also blame that year of college on “putting my friends first” - don’t worry, no one fell for it)! PARMA Recordings is one of the few hard-working labels located in New Hampshire, and although we may be in Brooklyn now, we aren’t forgetting where we came from! So here we are to tell you about their newest release on their imprint Big Round Records from the band Hawk & Dove. And as a bonus, we've included a few words about our good friends' Ace Reporter's new record. Its a doozy.


How is summer almost over?? Hopefully all of you had a chance to take some much needed time off and enjoy the weather a bit. As for us, well, that beer garden up the block opened, and its been all downhill since. To top it off a new BBQ joint also just opened, so its official, from now on all work will be done from the company hammock in a state of coma / food coma. Jealous?

We have a couple of exciting things to share with you this time around, the first being about our favorite upcoming release: Amanda Palmer & the Grand Symphony Orchestra's Theatre Is Evil. There is a lot of crazy excitement around this record, and we wanted to make sure that all of you were right in the middle of it. Luckily for all of us Amanda cares deeply about indie retail, so finding ways to give you an advatage on selling her record was easy (even more ways are mentioned below). Any day now you should be receiving a package of posters and window clings for this record. Here’s the plan: Maybe you already know this, but Amanda Palmer has a rabid fanbase. To the tune of over 500,000 Twitter followers. And they have Instagram. And Hipstamatic. And anything else that can be used to worship Amanda Palmer over the internets with a computerphone. So what we’re all gonna do, is take these great display items, and create a great display! Then, Amanda is going to tell all of her crazy followers to go to your store and take pictures of it and share the picture with her. She is then going to tweet and tell all of her followers about your store and how amazing you are for supporting her new record. She’ll tag you in the photo and tell the world to to go to your store to buy it. Fun right?? We can make this go VIRAL (whatever that means)! How’s that for teamwork? Also feel free to take pictures yourself and tag her in them, that will also earn a nice retweet. This is gonna be fun. Also, real promos are going out shortly. If you haven't heard this record yet, let us know! We have streams, watermarked downloads and watermarked physical copies that we can send you in the meantime.

Secondly, we are happy to annouce that the Ramona Falls record is finally available on vinyl from our friends at The Kora Records.


We finally made it to summer and everything that comes with it - random thunderstorms, free outdoor shows, drinking in a tiny backyard with 40 of your closest friends, and of course, Williamsburg hipsters pushing the limits of fashion crime. Its better people watching than the Jersey Shore, I swear.

We have some pretty exciting musical tidbits to share with you today, so brace yourself. Our good friends (and now neighbors!) over at Exit Stencil have a couple of records that just came out that ya'll should be pretty excited about. The Company record comes out today, and the Herzog record has been out for a little bit. Both have been sent to you and demand to be listened to!

Next up, we are very proud and excited to be helping Amanda Palmer dominate the world with her new record. You might have heard a little something about how she raised 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS with a Kickstarter campaign recently. Well, she's decided to take that money and put almost every penny into self-releasing it on her own terms. No label, no distributor (going directly through Alliance only) and no one to tell her what to do! We have a lot up our sleeve for this release, and we're getting you all on the front lines with us to help prove to the world the power of a physical release. Please let us know if you're excited about this record and want to team up with us and her 575,000 Twitter followers to spread the word about how record stores are still an artists best friend. You'll have music soon in the mail, but if you can't wait that long, let us know and we'll get you an online stream in the meantime.


It's almost our favorite time of year: OUTDOOR DRINKING WEATHER! Time to break out those koozies, dust off the hammock, and get ready to start spending some serious time outdoors playing some of our favorite Brooklyn outdoor games, like "will green beans grow in this soil?", "what neighbor is smoking pot out their window right now?", and "do you think that racoon is rabid?" I've gotten pretty good at 2 of them. The answer is usually fairly obvious. As if it couldn't get any better, we have some more great music to share with you. Our good friend Rocky Votolato has gone out on a limb and put his own record out, and its beautiful. We'd also like to re-introduce a new hip hop group called The Green Seed to you that comes to you from our friends at Communicating Vessels. Their new video is up on mtvU's The Freshman this week, so please vote early and often! Also, everyone should get excited about the new Maps & Atlases record Beware and Be Grateful that comes out on April 17 on Barsuk. Its killer. And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, we suggest you do. Its rad as hell. Don't forget that Good Old War and Plants & Animals are still kicking ass on tour, so make sure you aren't running out of stock on either, and as always, let us know if you'd like to make it out to a show, on us of course.


First and foremost, who's ready for SXSW next week? Everyone going down (I know there's a bunch of you!) should let us know. Let's hook up. If you are like Travis from Guest Room Records and are playing 4 shows with your band Shitty/Awesome, then send us that schedule, so we can get drunk watching you play and then tell you how much more we liked you than the last 2,500 bands we saw that day. Whether or not you're headed to the land of BBQ and free drinks, we have the perfect soundtrack for you week in the form of two incredible records. This week marks the release of records from both Good Old War and Yellow Ostrich! These are both favorites in the office, and bands that we've seen live since moving to New York. Can't beat that. And the best part is they are both coming back soon in support of these great releases (they are playing near you too). So, please dig in to both of these, and feel free to tweet about them while you're at it. Tag them and they'll repsond! Its fun. Technology. Woo! Also, we have a few Plants & Animals value-add 7"s left if anyone is interested. First come first served.


Happy Presidents Day Everyone!

We here at Flea Marketing would like to take a minute to pretend that we are on par with all of the furniture and car sales people in the world by peddling our agenda to you on this magificent holiday. Sorry, we're just too wound up not to now that we are finally hitting our stride for 2012. We're at shows almost every night, have a slew of new records coming, and have teamed up with some old friends with a new label. We're very excited to bring you a new record from Steve Kilbey of The Church and Jeffrey Cain of Remy Zero. The resulting collaboration is Isidore, and the new album Life Somewhere Else is available this week on Cain's label Communicating Vessels. Next week brings us two more records that we are very excited for: Soft Swells' debut self-titled effort and Plants & Animals third album The End Of That. Both are very special to us and we hope you feel the same way once you listen to them. And in case that wasn't enough, March 6 will bring us the release of brand new records from Yellow Ostrich (Barsuk) and Good Old War (Sargent House). Much more info on both of them to come. And lastly we are very excited to have teamed up with our good friends at Ooh La La Records right here in Brooklyn. There will be plenty more on that in the near future, but for now please check out their roster of bands: The Last Royals, 1,2,3 and White Arrows. Now get your butts to NYC and buy us a drink.


Two (well, three) things real quick. First of all, anyone in NYC should consider being at Other Music at 8pm tonight for Laura Gibson's in-store performance. We'll be there. Come hang.

Second of all, for anyone not in NYC tomorrow night, the sold out Nada Surf record release show is being streamed live on YouTube at 10pm EST. Come hang (virtually). All details at www.facebook.com/nadasurf.

And lastly, Nada Surf will be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show on Monday, January 30. Set your DVR.

That's all, just wanted to make sure no one was in the dark!


Happy New Year Everybody!

2012 is finally here, and we are quite excited, about, well, everything. Lots of new awesome happening over here in camp Flea Marketing, starting with a new look! Again, we can't thank our dear friends at Alphabet Arm Design enough for our new logo and design, expect to continually see everything refaced with its beauty. Also, a big thank you to Kroosh at TV Dinner (cool new iPad app, check it out!) for the new FleaMail layout. Even my new business cards are ballin' (thank you again Alphabet Arm). Let me know if you want one. C'mon, humor me, tell me you want one.

Time to talk shop (sorry). To top off all of this fun craziness, we have a couple records that you will flip your lid for, and a way to sweeten the deal on each:

To take our continuous Nada Surf excitement to a new level, there's a value-add EP that you can give away with purchase of their amazing new record The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. All you need to do is put in your order with Redeye, and they will take care of you. Easy right?

And more from the "shit that helps you sell records" department, another record we are very excited for, Plants & Animals' The End Of That is available to you at a 20% discount from Caroline/EMI until 2/10. Those of you who will be getting this from a one-stop should be able to share in the savings as well. And as if that wasn't enough, we also have value-add 7"s! Let us know how many you'll be bringing in and we'll get some 7"s right out to ya. So get those orders in! We'll have more info on this great record for you soon, but it will be out on February 28 from our friends from the north at Secret City.


CMJ has come and gone, and it was fantastic as always. And our livers are still paying for it, as always. No thanks to people like Dovecote who are a little too trigger happy with the drink tickets. As always. Just kidding, please don't ever stop feeding us drinks like that. It was great to see everyone that we did, and we're sorry for those that we didn't. There's always SXSW! Or just hit us up when you visit New York. Cause we're New Yorkers now. Or something.

Lots to cover in this newsletter, so I'll keep this part breif. Get stoked about all of the new music coming your way. New Kathryn Calder (of The New Pornographers) and In Medias Res this week, new Phantogram next week and a new mothereffing Nada Surf record first thing next year. What more could you possibly ask from us?? (more...)


We've barely settled into our new New York digs, and CMJ is already upon us! We'll be around all week, so if you're going to be in town, please reach out. Also, we're helping our good friends over at Pirate! Radio throw a little shindig on Wednesday afternoon at Fontana's, from noon to 5:00pm, so stop by! This is a FREE show, and there are no badges required. Cause that's how we do.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Fontana's (105 Eldridge St. btw Broome & Grand)
Noon to 5:00pm

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=243971075654897

Live performances by:

Nick Diamonds (of Islands)
Army Navy
The Great Book Of John
The One & Nines

DJ sets by:

Streight Angular & more!

Hit us up for a drink. See you there!



Well, here we are at the beginning of our last week in wonderful Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Its gonna be a long week of trying to eat every meal we love in this town and having a pint with all of our fantastic friends that we'll be leaving behind. Luckily its not too far away and we can be here when needed! On the other hand, in less than a week we'll be in New York and we can't be more excited! Please hit us up and let's get together if you are down there! Also, if you are from afar but will be in town for CMJ, please let us know about that as well! We'll have a little shindig to announce next week, but will also be out and about for the whole week, so let's meet up then too!

This week we have a couple of really exciting records to talk about. The Cymbals Eat Guitars is finally available, and the band is on tour with our other faves Hooray For Earth! Also, there is a new Kasabian record! (more...)


Summer seems to have gotten its second wind here in New England. So that means our favorite thing in the world can happen everyday: we can drink Shipyard Pumpkinhead while sitting outside. Some days we get half Pumpkinhead, half Guinness, other days we get a shot of vanilla vodka in our pint, but the important thing is that we do it every day. Anyone with us?

Annnnnnnd, we have an announcement to make. In October Flea Marketing will be moving to New York! More details to come, but we're just too excited to keep it a secret any longer. Feel free to let us know when you'd like to take us out for housewarming drinks. We'll be ready.

This week are really excited to bring you the new Mates Of State record, Mountaintops. We LOVE this band. Our excitement level hit an all time high when we learned many years ago that they signed to Barsuk, and that excitement level has yet to drop! This is easily their best sounding record (mixed by Chris Coady) and has some of their best songs to date on it. This will be the record that takes them up to the next level. (more...)


First off, we need to send a huge and heartfelt GOOD LUCK to Melissa, our pop punk loving intern-extraordinaire turned employee. She's off to Chicago for college this week. Gonna miss you Melissa!

You know what's better than Hurricane Irene? Everything else. We, luckily, were spared this time around, but unfortunately our friends to the south and the west were not as lucky. Our thoughts go out to them. In our area it only threatened to ruin our amazing festival on Saturday (but didn't cause we rule and totally overcame it). Everything in town closed for the day, and we never even lost power for more than a second. Again, I'm glad we weren't effected like other areas, but seriously, come correct or leave us alone altogether. Though it was pretty cool going down to the beach on Sunday and getting a better idea of what the movie The Perfect Storm must have been really like (picture below).

Big newsletter this week with so much going on! We have amazing records for you from We Are Augustines (who actually played in town here on Friday for the Daytrotter Barnstormer tour - take that Irene - and were amazing), Yellow Ostrich (who we saw in New York on Wednesday, and were also amazing - not relevant, but take that anyways Irene), The Great Book Of John and Marc Maron (Flea's first comedy record! Woo!). You have promos for all of these, and they are all out now. What a way to cap off summer! (more...)


Holy heat wave. Is it actually over? It should never be over 100 degrees in New Hampshire. Ever. I mean, our whole thing is that we complain about how cold it is all the time. This is totally throwing off our flow. At least the ocean is always a cool 55 degrees. So our only salvation involves some sort of episode where our limbs change color and fall off - Look at that, I guess we actually aren't ever short on things to complain about... our flow is back on.

Last time we told you about our new friends at Communicating Vessels. This time we want to introduce to another label who we have recently become BFFs with - File Under: Music. Its been a little while since we been able to hang with Canadians, so its even more exciting for us that they are based in Vancouver! They have eclectic taste in music, with one common theme: its all fantastic. We think that you'll see that its in line with your own eclectic tastes. Our first two offerings up from them are Blackie & the Rodeo Kings (with more guest appearances by all your faves than you can shake a stick at) and Graham Wright (of Tokyo Police Club). Get into it.

Also, check out the new video from Hooray For Earth (Dovecote/Redeye). It premeired this week on NPR and stars the girl from Californication who punches David Duchovony in the face during sex. Yup. Her. Beat that.

And don't forget that Mat Santos' (of Ra Ra Riot fame) solo record Massachusetts 2010 comes out next week, only on vinyl and in limited quanties. Get your copies from Redeye today! (more...)


Well we are finally knee deep in summer out here in New England! Its hot as blazes out, and we couldn't be happier. We also just announced a festival here in beautiful Portsmouth, outdoors on the waterfront, that we are helping our good friends at 3S Artspace with. We've got Fountains Of Wayne, Mike Doughty, Soft Swells and Tan Vampires playing. Anyone within a 50 mile radius better find their way out here on August 27! Best. Summer. Ever.

We have a few really special things to talk about this week. First of all Mat Santos of Ra Ra Riot has a solo record coming out that everyone needs to pay close attention to. Its a limited press, and when they're gone, they're gone!

Also, we want to introduce all of you to The Great Book Of John. Some of you may have read about them last week in the AIMS newsletter. We'll have an absolutely gorgeous 7" for this release if you are interested in doing any contesting or something else with them. Just let us know, and we'll get some out to you. (more...)


We're gonna let our founder and owner, the one and only Jo Lenardi take the reigns on this intro:

"We will be at the Portsmouth Brewery tonight drinking Smuttynose Summer with the rest of the town cheering on our dear hockey team. We are very proud of them. Especially Tim Thomas! That guy is a monster right? Anyhoo who needs to drive all the way to bean town and pay $2000 just to sit in the nosebleeds when we can just hang here in PTown drinking our favorite beer and hanging with our homies. Then we just walk over to Gilleys and have a double double with cheese and a large order of poutine and call it a night after the Bruins take the game tonight. Go Bruins!!!"

Well put. Check out all of the great releases we have for tomorrow, you're gonna love 'em all. And we love that Hooray For Earth got a 7.8 on Pitchfork! Go get 'em boys! (more...)


We are finally enjoying our first bit of really nice weather, and we couldn't be more happy! We're practically hanging out our giant windows just to try and inhale as much fresh air as possible. And I think it goes without saying that the fridge is stocked with beer at this point too. Who wants to come visit and drink on the water???

We have two great new releases for you! Its always a good week when there is new David Bazan music out in the world, so get ready! Also, please make sure you pay extra close attention to Motopony so you can be a part of their rise to fame! Also, its pronounced moto-pony, not ma-top-any like we thought the first time we read it. Just a head's up on that. :)

Also, don't forget that The Wooden Birds, Infantree & Hooray For Earth are right around the corner! (more...)


Ahhhh. Spring is here! The decks in town are open. Beer is flowing and the sun is shining (sometimes). And if anyone is looking for Jo, you'll find her at garage sales hunting down some treasures. So all in all, things are pretty great around here and since we're in such a great mood, we thought we'd share some great music with you. Aren't you lucky?!

Two brand new records from two brand new bands hit shelves tomorrow, and I'm sure you've already been rocking both in the stores on a daily basis. In case you haven't, the recap on both The Globes and The Wilderness Of Manitoba are below. We also had to include the video for Hooray For Earth just one more time because we can't get enough of it. (more...)


Holy crap Record Store Day! Way to go everyone! Its been so exciting to hear everyone's success stories.

This week we just wanted to show you our latest obsession. It's the brand new video from Hooray For Earth, for the first single True Loves. It is absolutely stunning. Like most of our favorite sci fi movies rolled all into one video. It premiered yesterday on Pitchfork (click). No surprise that they were the first to share it with the world, after the love they proclaimed for the song last year (click again!).

There have also been great mentions recently in SPIN Magazine and NYLON. They are headed out on the road with Architecture In Helsinki. The full album True Loves will be available both on CD and beautiful white vinyl on June 7 from Dovecote Records (Redeye). (more..)


I know every one of you are a little busy with that whole greatest holiday ever invented thing happening on Saturday, so we'll keep this brief. We just wanted to spread the word about the fact that one of our favorite bands ever, Nada Surf, are putting out two brand new songs on a 7" on Record Store Day. And as if that wasn't enough, Title Tracks also have a new record, and it comes out on Tuesday on both CD and LP! More details on both are below. Now go have an amazing Record Store Day everyone and we can't wait to hear all about it next week! (more..)


Just a quick note to let you all know that Infantree will be on Conan TONIGHT (yes, we gave the rooster on the album cover Conan hair - get over it.)! They will be performing the song Work Horse, from the upcoming release Would Work. Set those DVRs and enjoy your intro to this great band. Much more to come on them shortly. (more..)


Anyone else in the northeast enjoying our foot of snow "April Fool's Joke?" Oh... its not a joke if it actually snows? I guess that's why we aren't laughing then.

Well, at least we have the MOVITS! record to help get us through the day. I don't know how many of you have had a chance to listen to it yet, but I promise you that its more effective than a bump of cocaine in the afternoon to get you through the day. I mean... uhh... nevermind. Either way, pop it in and watch how much the fun level in your store rises immediately. Its that awesome. (more..)


We might be bundled in winter coats again, but there were a couple days when we could walk outside without a million layers. This is what those of us in New England consider a sign of Spring. At this point in the winter, we're willing to grasp at anything that hints of no more snow piles. Let the countdown begin!

We have a lot of goodies for you this week, so please dig in deep. Also, let us know from now if you would like to do a display of posters in your store for the new REM record. Quantities are limited and we want to do our best to take care of everyone. You'll get your promos directly from Warner Bros just in time for release. And as always, if you don't get one, let us know so we can hook you up.

In this issue you'll find info about the new project from Oasis' front man Liam Gallagher - Beady Eye. We're obsessed with the single The Roller here in the office. Go find out why. Also, you'll find a quick recap of The Dears' most recent release that came out last week. Many of you are already killing it with this release, and for the rest of you: its time to follow in suit!

Lastly, Barsuk bands have been making quite a racket in the world of music videos. Have a view through each one and you'll see what we mean! They are all amazing, and getting a whole ton of attention from all over. MTV has even been playing the new Phantogram video in its entirety after most episodes of Skins! Beat that! (more..)


Happy Groundhog Day!

Our favorite holiday! Mostly because we love Bill Murray. And possibly your favorite as well because this should mark the end of all our Groundhog Day references (last chance to buy an insurance plan from Ned with the optional death and dismemberment plan). Just don't forget to drink to world peace. Always.

This week we are lucky to get to tell you about a new video component to Neil Young's most recent record, Le Noise. This is available now from WEA or your favorite one-stop, so make sure you stock your shelves! You should all be getting promo DVDs in the mail by the beginning of next week, but if you don't for any reason, let us know and we'll get one right out to you. Also, if any of you have Blu-ray players in your stores, we have a small quantity of Blu-ray promos on hand as well. Just holler!

We also wanted to remind you about The Dears record that comes out in a couple weeks. You've had the promo for a while now, and if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, now is the time to do so. Its a monster. Also be sure to catch the band on Letterman on Feb 11! (more..)


Anyone else in the northeast sick of all the snow yet? I can't tell if I'm more sick of the snow or the fact that the office is only a block from my apartment and I really can't ever declare a snow day. Does anyone have any excuses for going to the bar at 4pm today on account of all this snow that they'd like to lend me? One upside to all of the snow is being stuck inside with this seemingly endless supply of new music. Hopefully you are enjoying the same, regardless of your weather situation (yes LA, we know its 70 and sunny, thanks for another friendly reminder).

Can we also say how happy and excited we are to hear how many stores were up over the holidays? I know we've said it a few times, but we have really high hopes for 2011. Its a different world then it was a few years ago, but its still a world that needs its record stores. And we're here to do our part to help with every aspect of that. Without you there is no us, so we thank you for doing as great of a job as you have been!

Without any futher delay let's dive into our records for this week. Brand new records from two of our favorite bands will be gracing your shelves next week: Say Hi and The Get Up Kids. Could January get any more amazing? We thinks not. (more..)


Its time to hit the ground running. We've finally recovered from our holiday hangovers and we're completely refreshed and ready to hit you with some new music! We promise only to slack off and start drinking early when there's at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. What's that? Its been snowing solid since last nght? Oh well. Can't say we didn't at least give a little effort.

You should have recently recieved our first package of the new year, and its a doosey (yes, that is another reference to the same movie that The Dismemberment Plan gets their name from - anyone? Still?). This package contained new music from Say Hi, Klaxons, Eulogies and The Dears. Has everyone had a chance to give them all a listen yet? Any initial thoughts?

Anyone notice today's Pitchfork review of The Dismemberment Plan vinyl reissue of Emergency & I today? Give it a gander HERE. Spoiler alert: a 10.0 and Best New Reissue. Yup. Congrats to Barsuk (Redeye)!

Next week (1/18) marks our first release date of the year, and what a great bunch of records it has with it. New records from Eulogies, Oh No Oh My and Klaxons all hit your shelves. More on all of those below.

Don't forget that next week is just as big, with new records from The Get Up Kids and Say Hi. Happy 2011 Everyone! This is going to be a good year. (more..)


Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, both personally and businessally. Please let us know how things went for you over the holidays. Hopefully all of you were up up up from last year. Also let us know if we missed any totally badass new year's eve parties. Did anyone get to hang out with the cast of Jersey Shore or anything?

We here are totally refreshed and ready to get 2011 rolling. We have some great records for you from Say Hi, Klaxons, The Get Up Kids, The Dears, Eulogies, Maritime, Generationals, Hooray For Earth, The Duke Spirit and many others. We'll have more on the first batch of those next week, but for right now there are a couple other things we'd like to bring to your attention.

First of all, we are very excited to remind all of you that The Dismemberment Plan's Emergency & I is being reissued on vinyl (with previously unreleased bonus tracks!) on Barsuk (Redeye) and will be out next week (Jan 11)! Lets also not forget that the D-Plan get their name from one of our all time favorite movies (trivia alert! - anyone?). Between this, the new Get Up Kids (who are on tour all winter / spring - dates below!) and Maritime, our 19 year old selves can finally smile again. Though we do plan to keep our 16 year old selves suppressed as not to try and aid in any sort of Earth Crisis reunion.

Also, one of our favorite releases of last year- Dark Dark Dark's Wild Go had a great Pitchfork review recently. Make sure you check your stock and see if you sold out without realizing it. I'm guessing many of you have! The buzz on this band is still growing on a daily basis.

Lastly, we would like to ask for you help and support with something local that we are helping with. Good friends of ours are attempting to build an absolutely incredible multi-functional art facility. It will serve as an art gallery, a performance space and a farm-to-table cafe. They are up for a sizable grant from Pepsi at the moment and need votes. To learn more about 3S Artspace, and how you can help, either click the link below, or HERE. Thank you for helping us give you yet another reason to come visit us here in NH! (more..)


Just when you thought we couldn't be any more advanced, here we are living in the future of 2006 with our own brand new Facebook and Twitter accounts! So add us, follow us, favorite us or any other appropriate gestures that you can think of and we'll see you on the interwebs.


New tour dates are up in our TOUR section. Check out our new current projects and featured tour. More updates to follow to our media section,


We've been CRAZY busy over here at Flea! Check out our Current Projects section to see why. New tour dates up as soon as we can.


Our eNewsletters are now up under our Media Section. Be sure to check out our past and most recent newsletters. Catch a spelling error and win a prize! (We made Chris go back and fix all of his mistakes the past year). New Featured Tour and Featured Artist to the right of this page. Tour dates are up in our Tour Section. You can click "HERE" to take a look-see. More updates soon.


New tour dates are up in our Tour Section. You can click "HERE" to take a look-see. More updates soon, plus a new page featuring our eNewletters.


We're winding down for the year and what a great year it was! We're sure that next year is going to be even better. Check out our tour section for shows during the holiday season. Expect many updates for the upcoming year. With lots of love from all of us from Flea <3


Lots of amazing projects are being added everyday here at Flea. Be sure to check out our featured project, Sea Wolf, and our featured tour, David Bazan and Say Hi. Just click on the pictures to the right ----> and follow the links to more goodness. Also, we're rearranging our media page to bring you tons of videos so check back soon!


New updates to our banner section under our Media Page including new Keegan Dewitt banners.  Also, check out our Tour Section for new summer dates and an updated band list.  More updates to our video section and our current project section will be up by the end of this week.


Here's a short list of what your store can look forward to in the coming weeks: Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5, Peggy Sue, Starlight Mints, Trevor Giuliani, Bad Veins, The Features, and Ramona Falls. Check back frequently as we are adding tour dates, videos, review, banners, and more! We told you this summer was going to be full of awesome release goodness. Additional goodness to come...


New updates to our banner section under our Media Page.  Also, check out our Tour Section. We've added tons of summer tour dates so don't miss anyone that comes to your town.  


Today is the day! The Eulogies release is here. Does your store want VALUE ADDS for Eulogies or Siversun Pickups?? Send us an email and we'll send you DOWNLOAD CARDS for Eulogies and Silversun BONUS TRACKS. Also, we've added a page to our Media Section. Head on over to get banners for your store's website/blog/myspace. Just copy the codes in the text box below the banner you want and paste it in your site's code. Current banners up are Other Lives and Amazing Baby. More to come soon.


WOW! Long time no update.  Now we've got SXSW behind us and a ton of new projects and tours.  Use the Nav bar above to search around what's new.  A big shout out to our new friends at Yep Roc, we'll be working all of their indie retail.  Stay tuned, lots of new things coming your way


Remember when we told you our friends in Barsuk hooked up with Say Hi and they're putting out a record?  If not, it's right below this update...  That record has been offically sent to stores to check out.  It's avialable March, 3rd through Red Eye.  We're sure you'll be as pleased as we were.  More big projects on the way (can anyone say new Silversun Pickups, and a new Metric?) Also, we're going to start doing a lot of stuff for TBD records (Other Lives, White Rabbits, Hatcham Social, etc.) Keep an eye out, more to come shortly.


So we're almost through the first month of 2009. It's already been a busy year... so far we have a new president who's wasting no time in getting things done, we have great records coming out like Howlies new release 'Trippin' With' and Deer Tick on vinyl, and we have a great new partnership between our two very good friends Say Hi and Barsuk. Yup, that's a pretty good start to a pretty good year. For those of you who didn't get our newsletter (and you totally should by emailing us: chris@flea-marketing.com) you are probably already aware that vinyl is becoming the next Sparks Caffinated Malt Liquor (AJ's favorite). 1.88 Million vinyl records were sold last year, more than any other year in the history of SoundScan. Two out of every three vinyl records were sold at independent record stores. Crazy, right? The vinyl crowd is getting younger, so don't miss out.


The Pretenders are going on tour?!?  Yeah, it's been a long time coming.  Their last U.S. headlining tour was in 2003.  Check out the TOUR page to find out where you can catch them live.  Howlies will be releasing an album the beginning of February on Over Under Records.  It will be available through Red Eye distribution.  And we here at Flea would like to take a moment to announce SAY HI is releasing a new records March 3rd.  Better yet, they signed on with our good friends at BARSUK RECORDS.  Two long-term Flea friendships (and occasional drinking partners) have come together for the best of causes. 


Back in the saddle and ready for another amazing year. We can't tell you too much, but we can say that there's a ton of really exciting things in the works for the new year. check back often for updates as new tours shape up and new records are completed


It's the Holday Season!!!  We've moved our web hosting so we've lost a few of our recent updates : (  but you can head over to our current projects section to see what we're working on as we wrap up the year.  Our tour section is updated so you can see who's coming to your town. Check it!


It's the day after elections, and we here at Flea are exhausted from a long night of crossing our fingers, recreational drinking, and generally having a hell of a time.  (AJ is very sensitive to loud noises and lights today).  We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the Nada Surf vinyl box set, due out November 25th from our friends at Barsuk.  There's only 1,000 of these out there - worldwide.  That leaves only about 300 for sale in the US!  We know we'll be getting them while we can.  These box sets are fully loaded with all 5 of their studio LPs, a repressing of the first 7" single, full 24 page lyric and photo book, download codes for the MP3's, and tons of other goodies.

Ever heard of Brother Von Doom? They're a metal band brought to you by our friends at Deathcote (Dovecote's meaner side).  Their video just premiered HERE. It's full-on warfare, and definitely a must see.

Check out our TOUR PAGE for new updates.  'Tis the season for a lot of incredible shows.


My one question for you today... DO YOU LIKE FALL?!? Cause we sure as hell do. Up here in New Hampshire the leaves are changing and were starting to drink a lot of Vodka.. err Hot Apple Cider. Be sure to check out a lot of cool stuff that we have sent you lately including The Dears, Golden Animals, and The Pretenders. We have also brought the METAL to Flea-Marketing with two new releases on Deathcote Records. You may have heard of Don The Reader, they released a Free EP last year online and are back this year with a full length entitled "Humanesque". This CD is for fans of Dillinger Escape Plan and Coalesce. The second album "Relentless" is by the band Brother Von Doom. Be sure to bring in a copy or 2 as both bands are currently touring constantly. We'll check back later in the fall!


Enjoying the summer? I know we have been! Here at the Flea offices we may have no windows but we sure do enjoy the nice cool A/C. We have a lot of cool stuff coming out as of late including Darker My Love "2" on August 5th. We have some sweet looking puzzles for value ads so be sure to hit us up if you want a few! Have a great summer and enjoy the music.


We hope that you all are enjoying the packages that we are sending you lately. We have some great albums that we are working on by artists like Mates of State, Love Psychedelico, Band Marino, and The Jealous Girlfriends. We have plenty or promo material to go around so if you need ANYTHING please send one of us an email and we can get some stuff out to you ASAP!


We haven't updated you for a while and that certaintly isn't a good thing. We have been very busy working on a bunch of new records for artists such as Nada Surf, Eric Avery, Chris Walla, and Jim Noir. If your at SXSW be sure to email AJ or Grant to meet up and say HI!


OOOOH BOY! Viva Voce are going out on tour with Jimmy Eat World! Click here for dates!!!


About a Son, a film comprised of beautiful, meditative images of Kurt Cobain's Washington State towns and Cobain's own voice, has screenings listed below. The soundtrack, a veritable mixed tape of the music that most influenced Cobain is available on Barsuk (ADA) on 09/11/07.

The movie will be playing for at least a week at all these locations, and because it's a theatrical release, there will be multiple showtimes. Ticket giveaways are happening on WFMU in NYC, WXPN in Philly, Live 105 in San Francisco/ Berkeley, and KDHX in St. Louis.

10/03/07 NEW YORK, NY IFC
10/05/07 LOS ANGELES, CA Nuart
10/10/07 SEATTLE, WA Special Screening for The End Listeners
10/12/07 SEATTLE, WA Varsity
10/12/07 LOS ANGELES, CA Fairfax Cinemas
10/12/07 PASADENA, CA Academy Cinemas
10/19/07 PHILADELPHIA, PA Ritz
10/19/07 SALT LAKE CITY, UT Broadway Centre Cinemas
10/20/07 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Delancy Screening Room- Noisepop
10/26/07 AMHERST, MA Amherst Cinema Arts Center
10/26/07 WASHINGTON, DC E Street
10/27/07 BELLINGHAM, WA Pickford Cinema
11/02/07 NASHVILLE, TN Belcourt
11/02/07 ST. LOUIS, MO Tivoli
11/02/07 DENVER, CO Starz
11/02/07 CAMBRIDGE, MA Kendall Square Cinema
11/02/07 SPRINGFIELD, MO Moxie Cinema
11/09/07 OMAHA, NE Films Streams
11/09/07 COLUMBIA, SC Nickelodeon Theatre
11/09/07 BOSTON, MA Kendall Square Cinema
11/16/07 ATLANTA, GA Plaza Theatre
11/30/07 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Lumiere Theatre
11/30/07 BERKELEY, CA Shattuck Theatre
11/30/07 AUSTIN, TX Dobie Theatre
11/30/07 TUSCON, AZ Loft Cinema

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are appearing tomorrow on Good Morning America!! Little could bode better for this band than a national TV appearance on the release date.Woohoo!

The Cribs released an LP a few weeks ago, exclusive to indie record stores. The CD release date is tomorrow, 7/17 and it's getting some great attention from folks like Rolling Stone, who say "their third album is a holler-along Brit-punk gem." Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) lends some vocals and Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) produced the record.

We moved last week. The office has been moved to beautiful downtown Portsmouth, where we can all-too-easily get a latte if we so wish. Actually and coincidentally, we can peek out the window at the record store here in town and make creepy phone calls to them about what they're wearing while they're outside smoking cigarettes. We plan on taking full advantage of our situation here. So that's 10 Vaughan Mall Suite 1 in Portsmouth, NH. Mark that down.

We hope your 4th of July explodes with a heavy dose of "awesome."

Holy cannoli! Everyone's favorite doctor drama (next to Doogie Howser M.D) GREY'S ANATOMY will be featuring not one but two songs from Let's Go Sailing this Thursday, March 22nd at 9/8c.

¨Sideways¨ and ¨All I Want From You is Love¨ will appear in an episode entitled ¨My Favorite Mistake¨ which airs THIS THURSDAY, March 22nd at 9/8c.

And, it gets better... ¨Sideways¨ will actually close out the episode and run almost in its entirety over a montage. The Chaos In Order is Let's Go Sailing's resplendent full-length debut and the copy we sent you is probably arriving to you as we speak. It's coming out next Tuesday, March 27th on Yardley Pop/GR2 Records and you can get it through Fontana.

We saw the one am radio this weekend, and they were just great. They played with a simple setup- Hrishi with his computer and guitar and pretty voice, 2 tenor saxophone players, and an upright bass. Sooooo beautiful. We hope you brought in plenty of his records and that you see him when he comes around.

Happy Valentine's Day. We got you something real special, too. Viva Voce has extended their tour with The Shins. Check out the tour dates, which are updated regularly here.

Want to be reminded of their greatness? Check out the Viva Voce e-card and see why The Shins like to have them along for the ride.

We're really proud here in little Portsmouth, New Hampshire of a wee project called the RPM Challenge. So far, over 2000 bands from all over the world have signed up to take on the task- which is to write and record 10 songs or 35 minutes of music in the 28 days of February. You've most likely received a poster from us, and this is what it's all about.

One word. Menomena.

This morning we woke up to see Menomena on the tippity top of the Pitchfork main page with an 8.5 rating. We're talking about real praise, here. Gung-ho statements about how it "has possibly the most brilliantly executed cover art of the decade," and that "Friend and Foe follows through on the potential of their unique sound, proving their wildly great debut was no fluke."

Go see the Menomena e-card. It's amazing.

We sure do hope everyone had a great holiday season, and that your stores were bustlin' with record buyers. Jo survived the temperate landscapes of Jamaica. AJ survived the New Year's Eve party at his house. Sparky survived... well, himself really. Anne survived the 654984 members of her gigantic Irish-Catholic family.

So what's up with 2007? We've got new stuff flying at you from Menomena, Million Billion, Softlightes, Eleni Mandell, The One AM Radio, Canon, and Dr. Dog in the next couple of weeks alone. We're hoping for a great year to come. Let us know if you need anything!

AJ made it back alive from CMJ in NYC. He sent Anne a text message at a million o' clock on Saturday night, informing her that the Dangerbird Showcase was outta control. Sweet.

Remember to check the tour dates on this website. You want to get into one of these shows? Contact us! We can probably get you in there sippin' Crystal like a VIP P.I.M.P.

The Slip's "Eisenhower" (Bar None) and the Shortbus Soundtrack (Team Love) are out tomorrow. The Slip's tour dates will be updated on this site as we get news.

OOOOOOH! And one more thing- The Fast Food Nation Sountrack comes out next Tuesday, with lots of tasty tracks from folks like Spoon, Friends of Dean Martinez, Dr. Dog, Nortec Collective, The Capitol Years, La Sinfonia, Elvis Perkins, Robbers on High Street, Secretary Bird, Monsieur Leroc, and The T-Bones. Check out their myspace page- www.myspace.com/fastfoodnationsoundtrack and keep our eye out for a copy from us in the mail.

So, Anne and Jo visited our good friends, Nada Surf this weekend in Boston as they played at the Head of the Charles Regatta's Row-a-palooza. Noteworthy moments- a mom and her small child knew all the words to all the songs and sang together, people were waiting in line to answer questions in exchange for free pants from Nautica, there were more free samples of food than you could shake a stick at, a rare French translation of "Fruit Fly" a la Daniel done with pout, and a great fall day.
Sparta's "Threes" hits stores today!

We want to be on your email lists! If you're a retail store that sends updates or email blasts, we'd love to get them. Add all the contacts in the "Contact Us" section pretty please. We love to be on the up and up.

We're about to take on the new Sparta record, and are pleased as peaches to do it. They're on Hollywood now, and there's already a bit of buzz about "Threes," out on October 10.

Mates of State just added a BUNCH of tour dates, and Nada Surf are headed out with Guster pretty soon. Don't forget to check the "Bands on Tour" section... we update every couple of days.

Would you like 5 copies of one of our projects for a listening station? We aim to please, and have clean copies we'd love to share. Give us a call and we'll accomodate.

Also, don't forget that next Tuesday is a big day for releases- The Long Winters, Silversun Pickups, Gran Bel Fisher, and Say Hi to Your Mom hit the shelves!

So we're crusing the channels the other day and see our crap all over TV's junk. Nada Surf doing a Chase commercial with a cover of "All You Need is Love," Silversun Pickups' familiar dissonant guitar sounds in a car commercial, and Jim Noir's pretty voice in an Adidas commercial that was played a kagillion times. Anne would know. She's got World Cup Fever.

Haven't been on this site in a while? There have been oodles of updates, and now this can be a viable tool for you, dear reader, to know just what the heck we're up to. Welcome. Look around.